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1. Legislative Sources

Travel contracts are governed by the Italian Legislative Decree nr. 206 dated 2005 (Codice del consumo, articles 82-100), by the EEC Directive 90/314/CEE as well as by the law nr 1084 of 27th December 1977, Ratification of the international Convention of Bruxelles (CCV) of 1970.

These are the rules to refer to for anything not mentioned in this section, drawn up by Impaekt SRL (from now on called simply T.O.)

2. Booking and travel contracts

To confirm a booking the traveler should sign a booking form/travel contract which the T.O. will provide him with, containing the reserved services as well as all instructions about the required deposit and deadline for payments. The traveler should carefully check them – eventually inform the T.O. if something is not correct – and send it back to Suzie’s Yard Insider Tours, per email to

info [at] suziesyard.co.uk

To confirm the booking the payment of a deposit is required: the deposit should be equal to 25% of the total amount for a holiday package. Bookings are understood as finalized when the T.O. receives the advanced payment related to the items the traveler has booked.

When making a booking, the traveler confirms that he fully understands and has accepted without reserve or exception on behalf of himself and all members of his party the Terms and Conditions.

3. Payment

In order to finalize the booking a deposit is due and it should be equal to:

– 25% of the total amount for holiday packages;

The balance is to be paid within 30 days before arrival, unless otherwise specified. Bookings made within 30 days before arrival are deemed as late bookings. Full payment will be due immediately and once this has been received by the T.O., all booking conditions will apply.

If the balance is not received in full and by the due date, the T.O. reserves the right to treat the booking as cancelled by the traveler, in which case the cancellation charges as shown in Clause 6 will be payable.

Impaekt T.O. doesn’t apply any administrative fee.

4. Changes and cancellation by the T.O.

Before a booking is confirmed by the contract, the T.O. reserves the right to increase or reduce the tour prices and to change any of the information contained in the itinerary description.

Sometimes changes have to be made after the booking has been confirmed and the deposit paid. The traveler or his travel agent has the right to cancel the reservation without any penalty for significant changes, such as:

– the final price of the itinerary he has chosen is 10% higher than the one he was informed at the time of making the reservation and paying the deposit;
– modification of the arrival and/or departure date superior to 48 hours;
– modification of the category of the confirmed accommodation to one of a lower standard.
In the case of a significant change the T.O. will provide the traveler with three alternatives:
– alternative travel arrangements of equivalent or of very similar standard, if available;
– alternative travel arrangements of a lower standard together with the refund of the difference in price;
– Recess from the booking with full refund of the paid amount.

The T.O. will advise the traveler as soon as reasonably possible about meaningful modifications. In all cases, the travelers will need to communicate, within 48 hours from reception of the communication of modification, if he wishes to either practice the right of recess or accept the modification. In absence of communication by the traveler, the modification will be understood as approved.

The T.O. is not responsible if the confirmed accommodation cannot be supplied because the accommodation ceases to operate, or because of overbooking caused by the property’s management, because of damages/need of repairs/maintenance in the chosen premise; the T.O. commits itself to offer the traveler substitute arrangements and if the cost is less than the traveler original booking, the traveler will receive a refund of the difference from the T.O. If however the alternative offer costs more than the previous one and the traveler accepts that offer, then the T.O. will ask for the difference in price.

The T.O. may be forced to cancel the traveler’s booking as a result of “force majeure”, that is any occurrence beyond the T.O.’s control and which could not have been avoided with all due care. Such events may include war or threat of war, riots, civil strife, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disaster, government action, adverse weather conditions and all similar events out of control. In this situation there is no possibility of a refund.

5. Changes and cancellation by the traveler

If the traveler wants to change any part of the tour arrangements after the booking confirmation, the T.O. will do its best to make the change, but it may not be possible. Any request for changes must be made in writing by the person who made the original booking. If it is possible to make the change, a €50 administration charge will be applied to the final invoice. Furthermore, the traveler will be subject to any further cost incurred as a result of the change.

Unless the required change is minimal, please note that it will not be possible to make any change within 30 days of the scheduled departure date.

The traveler that is in the impossibility to undertake the confirmed booking has the right to assign his own booking to a person that accepts all the conditions of the booked accommodation, tour or service while all the arrangements remain exactly the same as in the original booking. In this occurrence, the traveler must inform the T.O. with at least 7 days of notice as regards to the foreseen arrival date.

The T.O. will not be responsible for any missed acceptance of the new nominative by any third parties supplying the service(s) or the accommodation. The surrendering traveler and the new traveler are both responsible for the payment of the balance of the total amount.

If the traveler wishes to transfer the traveler booking to another product thereby changing the arrangements completely, this will be treated as a cancellation with loss of cancellation fees as set out in Clause 6. It will be necessary to re-book another product. In case of partial changes in the booking, the new request will be studied by staff of the T.O. and the traveler will not lose all cancellation fees.

6. Cancellation policy

If the traveler cancels for whatever reason the booking, he must immediately advise the T.O. in writing, per e-mail or post.

The traveler will be liable to pay the cancellation fees set out in the table below.

Cancellation periods are calculated on the date of the traveler cancellation being received by the T.O. per email to Suzie’s Yard, according to the following scale of charges:

PERIOD: From reservation to 60 days before check-in
Cancellation Fee:                    Booking deposit 25 %  total amount

PERIOD: From 49  to 30 days before check-in
Cancellation Fee:                     90 % total amount

PERIOD: From 29 days to to check-in
Cancellation Fee:                    100 %  total amount

The applicable cancellation fees must be paid even if the traveler has not at the time paid the full cost of the booked items.

The applicable cancellation charges must be paid even if the traveler decides to change the reservation to another property for whatever reason and without explicit permission of the T.O.

Should the traveler decide to curtail the booked holiday arrangements or services, for whatever reason, no refund will be payable for any unused nights of accommodation or services.

7. Travel information and documents

The dispatch of detailed information of the booking – such as hotel name or address for services and activities – to the traveler are conditioned to the reception of the advanced payment by the T.O.; once the balance is paid the traveler will receive voucher and information package, although some of these may be handed to the traveler at his arrival where the tour starts

It will be care of the traveler to provide for the regulation of all the valid documents for the expatriation. The T.O. declines each penal and moral responsibility for lack of valid documents for the expatriation and inaccuracies of the same.

8. Complaints

Should the traveler be dissatisfied with any aspect of the chosen accommodation/ service / package, the traveler must immediately report the cause to the owner /supplier of the accommodation or to the provider of service(s). The traveler must also inform the T.O. who will endeavor to put things right.

In the unlikely event that the traveler is still not satisfied upon return from the holiday, the traveler must contact the T.O. giving full detailed complaints, in written form, within 10 days.

If the traveler fails to notify to the T.O. or the supplier of any dissatisfaction during the holiday, the T.O. cannot accept liability for that complaint in retrospect.

If the traveler leaves accommodation prematurely without an explicit authorization of the T.O., the traveler forfeits the traveler rights for a refund. Such complaints will not be taken into consideration.

All travelling contracts with Impaekt T.O. are subject to Italian Law and to the jurisdiction of Italian Courts.

In case of controversy, the law court of Orvieto, Tribunale di Orvieto, will be competent.

9. Privacy/ protection policy

Impaekt T.O. complies with the obligations under the 2003 Italian Data Protection Act (Legislative Decree 196/03). Contacts and other personal data the traveler supplies are stored by the T.O. and will be used to provide the travelers with the information they have requested; the collected information may be used by the T.O. to keep the traveler updated about its newest activities and events.

The T.O. will never intentionally disclose information about any traveler to any party without first receiving permission from that person. Yet, the T.O. is obliged to pass such information on to the suppliers of accommodation (except credit card details), and, if required by them or by law, to security or credit checking companies and public authorities such as customs/immigration offices.

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